Market notes from up above

Sometimes when a few of the short posts in this space are thematically unified or develop with some continuity, I edit and compile these in a longer piece that I put up on Medium. One such type was Finance notes from underground, a bottom-up look at key financial management and planning topics in a time of uncertainty. The Medium editors found it dubious enough to take behind the paywall, but the link above is for those who insist. It works and your curiosity will be rewarded.

The most current similar compilation is a sort of companion piece to that, but taking a more top-down perspective of the markets and the economic patterns, particularly topical I think in this coming era of transition.

If the economy were a single business, it would now be a restart, with aspects of a startup, in the post-pandemic world. This is a new form, with new behaviors and results that can be unpredictable. It is different from a recovery, which is a continuation but with an improved trajectory. The resulting commentary is an atmospheric review of conditions in this context.

I don’t know if the editors will pick it up again this time, they take days to mull things over. You can never be too careful. But until then, this link will definitely work, and also in the image and the title underneath if you miss the first time.

Market notes from up above

Thank you for reading.