Choosing experts

We often latch on to success in any form, and project it out to every form, for following and guidance. This is especially true, I think, when uncertainty is more than ordinary.

The shown example is just one, in terms of scope as well as subject, and the phenomenon prevails in business execution especially…

… where uncertainty is always great and expertise is deemed quantifiable, measured by value formation and investment return.

But every situation is different, even with some common elements here and there, while expertise tends to be general to an area.

What’s more, when the portfolio is diversified, and when investors are observers rather than active doers in most cases, this does not make portfolio success (in the past) a good credential for individual success (in the future).

And it’s unfair, I think, to put some investors in such a position, expecting the big answers and big guidance to the big unknowns.

Though, on the other hand, many enjoy it.

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