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Though the initial framework and a rudimentary form of the system was unveiled at Stanford University‘s Maples Pavilion on February 9, 1973 (every tweeter blew as the band began their first number), the Grateful Dead did not begin to tour with the full system until a year later.

Wall of Sound – Wikipedia

Sometimes the cards ain’t worth a dime…

If you don’t lay them down.

February 9, 1973 – Palo Alto, CA

Lately it occurs to me…

Many people assume that besides the great primal deception there is also in every individual case a little special deception provided for their benefit, in other words that when a drama of love is performed on the stage, the actress has, apart from the hypocritical smile for her lover, also an especially insidious smile for the quite particular spectator in the top balcony. This is going too far.

February 9, 1918 – Blue Octavo Notebooks

Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings.