Curation, navigation and portability

In areas populated by large numbers and diverse units, curation and navigation are two sides of a coin.

Curation is the filtering and accumulation of objects for easier sifting through options…

Example in commerce, Bezos on books:

Example in investment, Levine on stocks:

Navigation is the individual (subject) movement between different areas… books, stocks, other individuals, etc.

The patterns in both cases have been similar, resulting in power-law distributions… but with a key distinction between subject and object:

People make choices… books and stocks do not.

People generally choose to go where other people are… a decision made by non-machines and that can lead to market inefficiencies, to which machines adapt.


Data portability combines notions of navigation and curation, subject and object, emotion and reason, into one…

the outcome of which would be an entirely new thing, and unpredictable.