Lessons from the game

In basketball, as in ensemble music, the execution lessons are for everything.

Individual skill, technique, and effort matter in a group dynamic to set the standard and the balance of the group.

When the group is small, each player matters like an element in a reaction, and the dynamic changes disproportionately with the mix.

The mix combines a set of different styles, but the result is in itself a unique compound.

The game, much like the music, is of harmony, rhythm, and orchestration.

A false note, or a broken play, don’t matter to the quality of the substance if the group is true.

The leader sets the tone, renews it or adapts it to the noise… this is a constant guide and not improvisational.

Each player can situationally lead, each player can situationally follow, but each understands the difference and the role that’s called for in the situation.

When no one leads, no one really follows, and the effect is not as random as it might appear.

When everybody leads at once, that is the same as noise.

There is an esthetic quality to success, and it is the cause rather than the effect of it.

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