This is in continuation from yesterday’s post on narrative economics, with a narrative that may resonate for some:

  • There is no market, there are many, not only by geography, asset class, technology, liquidity, participation, but by mood.
  • There is no narrative, there are countless, simultaneously.
  • There is no formula, there’s a mosaic of beliefs and disbeliefs.
  • There is no Economics, there are multitudes, made up of all of the above.
  • There is disagreement or agreement that arises, which is the cause of trends or may be the effect of such… and there is sometimes disagreement and agreement, all at once.
  • These things and others form a global network, the topology of which is in a state of constant change.
  • There aren’t really separations, there are certain concentrations that look like denser or larger clusters in the mesh, but this is subject to interpretation.
Isaac Newton… market speculator and Master of the Royal Mint

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